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About Hundeklinikken in Copenhagen

Konsultation i Hundeklinikken dyrlæge undersøger med stetoskop ud fra stressfrie principper

Vetclinic specialized in Fear Free Vet Treatments for Dogs

Hundeklinikken Copenhagen is your dog’s clinic for stress-free vet visits in Østerbro. We are the only animal clinic in Denmark that is exclusively for dogs and working with fear free.

We offer positive, stress free vet visits based on Fear Free handling. There is no coercion, and we do not overstep your dog’s boundaries.

In Hundeklinikken Copenhagen we use our techniques and knowledge in handling and treating your dog, always adapting the treatment according to your dog’s comfort level. If something seems to provoke anxiety in your dog, we will find another way. Anxiety-filled vet visits can lead to lifelong traumas that affect your dog’s well-being.

Every day, our vet, veterinary nurse, and the rest of the team help dogs who are nervous, have anxiety, or other behavioral challenges. It is fantastic for us to see the difference we can make for your dog and for you. An important part of the whole concept is to advise you as an owner on how you can support the positive experience your dog has with us.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Strong focus on your dog’s wellbeing

At Hundeklinikken Copenhagen, you will find warm and passionate staff who always take their time with you and your dog. It is important to us that both dogs and owners feel comfortable when visiting us. We have a strong focus on behavior and always keep an eye on how your dog is doing with what we do.

We do not compromise on the quality of our professional work. Therefore, we prioritize professional courses and further education, so that you and your pet always receive the best, up-to-date treatment.

Our veterinarians Mai Mundeling og Louise Linkov are well experienced in veterinary practice with a broad and high competence in general diseases and preventive treatments.

Our veterinary nurse Katrine Hammer has specialized in dog behavior and stress-free handling and has many years of experience in the field. She teaches veterinarians and veterinary nurses in the field and regularly receives visits from veterinary professionals who want to experience her methods.


The Hundeklinikken Copenhagen has an in-house laboratory. This means that we have the opportunity for advanced diagnostics. Quick diagnostics provide the best conditions for effective treatment. In our in-house laboratory, we can run blood tests, urine tests, and tissue samples.


Many diseases cannot be seen or evaluated with the naked eye. This applies, for example, to over 70% of all dental diseases, studies show. Aids are needed, and x-rays are one of the really important ones. Therefore, our x-ray is often in use. During dental cleaning, we always do a full dental x-ray, which is not the case at all animal clinics.

You can learn more about us on our Facebook page.